Enchanted Woods

Forests are meeting places of plants (trees), animals and the spiritual world

When I walk into a wooded area, I soak up this characteristic scent of decaying plants

I look over my head and try to discover the treetops

I’m looking for clearings, water gaps and passage marks along the walk (trail or the path)

Can light pass through the leaves?

Everything that civilization has taken from the primitive is within our reach

It is magical and wonderful at the same time

As I enter the pine forest, I discover this little secret corner

The trees come alive (to life) in the swirling colours of a huge kaleidoscope

In the heart of the forest, now rises a pillar of fire

I see red shapes begin to vibrate and ghosts emerge with the rustling of leaves in the solar wind

She looked like a lost deer and asked me to follow her and get lost with her in the enchanted woods

Adorned with all the colours of the forest and its inhabitants, I fell asleep again for all eternity. Have you ever slept in a forest under the stars?