As a child, I was convinced to fly

That spring day, I was in full glide

A friend approached me:
« What are you doing? »
« Me? I fly! »

He replied: « It’s impossible, only birds fly! »

What a shock it was for me, I was so close to the sun

But where are my gods, my guides and protectors?

Like Icarus, I fell, losing the precious wings that had allowed me, until then, to raise effortlessly to the skies

I was seven, the age of reason, the earth had been offered to me as a garden of delights

And the forest, its pond and its water lilies

I felt alone and abandoned

I speak to them in the silence of the woods

I know they are waiting for my return

My daytime flights stopped, but since then I have continued to fly at night

In the world of dreams where everything is possible and Pegasus brings me back to the Father