Artistic Approach

I don’t want to be locked into a formal framework. I love freedom too much! I am a lover of creation. What is clear is that I have not lost my ability to dream and wonder. In short, I have remained an eternal child, a poet, a dreamer; this is my deepest identity. For me, art is a magical and secret conduit. I become Merlin, the enchanter! Each painting I create is unique; each has a soul.

Each painting-in-the-making has its own resonance: we must feel the vibrations and let the unspoken express itself. Each line, stroke, colour, is an emotion; a feeling coming to the surface. I just try to be myself throughout the process while being aware of the mind who may become your worst enemy.

I accept to paint, imperfectly, what is perfect. We must remain humble, and above all, know when to stop. “A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places” (Paul Gardner). In doing so, I try to take a humanistic and dreamlike look at my creation, for all is illusion, all is a sign, all is art. In short, all is God. Life is a great work. It coexists with death.

Enchanted woods, air, earth, fire, water, so many themes that have inspired me for twenty years and continue to inspire me. Creatures of the sky, winds and tides. Storms and lightning. Our beautiful and great country. Haiti and its wonder, my wife’s native land. The invisible and the spiritual… Imagine the rest!

The canvas becomes a field of experimentation of the signified and the signifier, of the transitory and the immanent… “That which is below is like that which is above” (Emerald Table). The becoming, the improbable, the flip and front sides claim the right to exist and, especially, to express their utopia.

I paint for pleasure; that is enough for me. I joyfully move away from compositional plans. I have no compass, except that of “the intuition of the moment” (Gaston Bachelard) which brings me joy and happiness.

« There is so much more to discover! There is no failure, only the experience of BEING. »

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