When I go for a walk in a forest , the first thing I smell is decaying     vegetation. Then I look above my head and try to discover the treetops. I look for clearings, gaps in the water and marks of passage as I walk along. And does the light manage to penetrate the foliage?

Black, red and blue, that’s often how I feel when I am listening to jazz and blues, and this what I wanted to express in this set of paintings

As a child, I was convinced I could fly. Nevertheless, I continued to fly at night, in the world of dreams where everything is possible

Oh, how I love this vast country!

I can see both its summer and autumn forests, as well as the spring floods and the winter cold freezing our beautiful rivers

Despite our differences, there is only one country for the human race: the heart.

As mortal travellers of the earth, let’s abolish all frontiers and build up a better world for our children

With this collection, I wanted to pay tribute, in my own way, to the automatists of the “Refus global”.

There is also a sense of renewal – of the change of guard that would follow the Quiet Revolution and the Expo 67

We all need landmarks to get situated.

What if we replaced the cardinal points and natural elements with colours?

Who are we and where are we going?

This is the true – the only – question facing the human race. It is a great piece of art to live and to die

Give me some oxygen! There are days when everything is black and white.

If the child sees spectres, in the thickest dark of the night, there is fortunately the light of the soul, that reliable compass

There was a time when the earth was a lush garden inhabited by billions of plants and thousands of magnificent forests…