Black, Red and Blue

It is the simple love story of a woman and a man, one of love at first sight. Between a white man…

And a black woman

His musical references: chamber music and Brahms

She loved the blues. Her whole soul trembled when Big Mama Thornthon sang, “I’m feeling alright”

It was another time. People would turn to look at you with a small smile, some with disapproval. Oh, you looked great – enlightened with that confidence that true love fuels at will

It’s the story of a couple, who before saying yes to each other for life, elegantly sat down in love in their small living room to play Nina Simone on the audio console. His deep voice never left you. She would accompany you when you were out for a drive

“Black is the colour of my true love’s hair” was your favourite song. Whether or not it was borrowed from folklore or not, it did not matter to you. It was Nina’s dark voice – from “Little Girl Blue”

There was jazz in the air that night. The whole South was heating up!

“You’re in for a Big Surprise,” do you know? It’s that Percy Mayfield lament

No one other than Ray Charles knows better how to hit the road and sing, “I call you mister”

You imagined that tall Nina was by your side during the long walk and that she was crying with you

This is the day you saw red marks on the sidewalks of the big city and you were completely capsized

There was so much upheaval that year. But what you do know is that black will always be the colour of your love – of our love. And red too, you and me whose skin colour is different. This is your story. This is our story

“Black, Red and Blue” is often how I feel listening to Blues or Jazz, and see these great horses trying to ride each other